Virtual Pilot 3D Game The First Choice For Gamers & Flight Enthusiasts

Virtual Pilot 3D Game – The First Choice For Gamers & Flight Enthusiasts!

What Makes The Virtual Pilot 3D Game Perfect For You?

When you talk about the top flight simulator games for Gamers and Flight Enthusiast. You can not avoid discussing the Virtual Pilot 3D Game. After all it is one of the top airplane simulator games around!

With so many flight simulator games online these days. I wanted to point out what makes Virtual Pilot 3D one of the best flight simulator games anywhere. In addition, you will see why it is the Perfect Choice for Gamers and Flight Enthusiast Alike!

The Virtual Pilot 3D Game comes packed with features. However I just want to point out the features that make it great for gaming and entertainment purposes. Virtual Pilot 3D is unlike most airplane flying games, it’s far better and here’s why…

Selection And Options:

The Virtual Pilot 3D Game offers over 200 Aircrafts to choose from. Including airplanes, helicopters, and gliders. You can even fly a Zeppelin if you would like to. I can not think of another flight simulator game that offers such a large selection!

Virtual Pilot 3D Download DHC-6 Twin Otter Airplane

Also the Virtual Pilot 3d download comes loaded with over 25,00 Airports for you to choose from. It also gives you the option to fly from an aircraft carrier. Just select your favorite airports from the Launch Wizard and your off to anywhere in the world!

You can even choose to fly in ANY weather condition you desire. Select your own weather option or use the Real Life Weather Data provided by the NOAA weather service. This gives you the option of Real Time weather where ever you want to fly.

Real World Scenery And Landscape:

The level of detail and realism of the scenery is simply incredible! Unlike other flight simulator games this one uses 3D imagery and real life terrain. Virtual Pilot 3d teamed up with Google Maps to get the scenery exactly as it really is!

Virtual Pilot 3D Game Mountain Landing

Also unlike other airplane simulator games, Virtual Pilot 3D gives you the chance to fly anywhere in the world, even your hometown. You get real life, worldwide terrain based on NASA imagery, so where you fly is completely up to you.

Virtual Pilot 3D
even includes Scenery Designer Software. This allows you to fly in the world you create. Add buildings, rivers, or mountains, add anything you want. You are only limited by your imagination, if you can picture it you can create it!

Multi-Player Network Feature:

Virtual Pilot 3D also includes a Multi-Player Network Feature. This means that you can play with and against other virtual pilots. Using the built-in Google Maps finder, you can easily hook up with other gamers within Virtual Pilot 3D.

Multi-Player Network Feature
Multi-Player Network Feature

Want to turn things up a notch? You can select vintage war planes or fighter jets and go on dogfights with other players! Relive the air battles over Midway or the English Channel. Recreate the fighter battles over Korea, the Gulf of Tonkin or over the deserts of Egypt. The choice is yours!

You can even fight it out in some of today’s best military helicopters! Battle your friends in a major city or through mountain passes. The options you have with this flight simulator game download truly are endless!

Multiple Options Of Game Play:

As you can see, you have an unlimited variety of ways you can set up and use the Virtual Pilot 3D Flight Simulator. With hundreds of airplanes to choose from you can use it as a training platform. Or you can use it for fun and excitement, you decide!

Virtual Pilot 3D Download Fighter Jet

Having dozens of fighter jets to choose from makes this a perfect combat flight simulator. Virtual Pilot 3D gives you more options than any of the combat flight simulator games out there.

In addition to that, this is also the perfect helicopter flight simulator. With more than 15 helicopters to pick from. Virtual Pilot 3D easily beats out the rest of the helicopter simulator games. In fact, most flight simulator games out there don’t pay much attention to helicopters at all!

Built-In Interactive Tutorials:

If you are new to flight simulators, or worried Virtual Pilot 3D might be to complicated for you. You can just let that go right now! The Built-In Interactive Tutorials will walk you through everything.

There are even tutorials for every single aircraft to guide you in-game. This will teach you how to use the flight control panels and flight controls of any aircraft. So you’ll always know how to control any new unfamiliar aircraft.

Virtual Pilot 3D Game: The #1 Choice!

While Virtual Pilot 3D is a true flight simulator and licensed by the FAA Certified for commercial use. You can easily see why the Virtual Pilot 3D Game is Perfect Choice for Gamers and Flight Enthusiast Alike!

Virtual Pilot 3D Big BoxVirtual Pilot 3D Big Box

Check Out This Amazing Demo Video!

Here is a short demo of a de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter completing a mountain landing!

If you would like to see more action from Virtual Pilot 3D, you can visit our Virtual Pilot 3D Demo page here. Or to learn more about all of the amazing features of Virtual Pilot 3D you can check out my full review by clicking the Red Box just below.

If you have any questions or comments about the Virtual Pilot 3D Flight Simulator. Please leave them in the Comment Box located below for fastest response. If you prefer you can contact me by email and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank You For Stopping By, I Appreciate You Spend Time With Me Today!

Brendon Bryce

10 thoughts on “Virtual Pilot 3D Game – The First Choice For Gamers & Flight Enthusiasts!

  1. Hello, Brendon
    WOW! I can see why VirtualPilot is the TOP performer. The variety of realistic scenarios that a person can select is incredible. Also, the endorsements from aviation authorities are quite attractive for not wasting money on non-endorsed training.
    My Father spent 33 years in the military. He enlisted in the Air Force and flew planes for 20 years. I loved being able to tour the Air Force bases and seeing the aircraft. His favorite airplane to fly was a bi-plane.
    Thanks for sharing your information about this fascinating game.

    1. Hey Kevin,

      Thirty three years, that is amazing! Please pass along my admiration and appreciation for his service! It must have been exciting to visit all of the Air Force Bases, especially as a kid.

      Well Kevin if flight simulators are you thing you need to check out Virtual Pilot 3d. You can now fly Into and from any Air Force base in the world, including Area 51~

      You could even get your dad in on it because there are a handful of Bi-Planes to choose from. Such as the Russian built Antonov An-2, or the German made Fokker Dr.1 . The  infamous airplane of the Red Baron!

      Kevin there are well over 200 aircraft and 25,000 airports for you to choose from, the options are endless!

      Whether a person is into gaming or training the Virtual Pilot 3D Game is the best flight simulator software around!




  2. Lanu Bennett says:

    I recently bought the Virtual Pilot 3D game for my son. he is thinking about joining the military and wants to become a pilot. So I thought that this might be a good platform for him to begin with.

    You are correct, there is a bit of a learning curve for those that are new to flight simulators. However not only has Virtual Pilot 3d helped him become familiar with the different aircrafts. It has also allowed him to become familiar with the actual procedures that pilots are required to go through.

    My son spends a lot of time playing with Virtual Pilot 3D and I think it has boosted his confidence and drive to become an actual pilot. I just want to say thanks, this has proven to be fun, yet very educational for him!


    1. Hello Lanu,

      First I would like to say good for your son. It is important to know what you want and to work towards it early on. I can only imagine how proud you must feel.

      Lanu, you bring up a good point that I think many people miss here. I think when most people hear about the realism of Virtual Pilot 3D. They stop in the idea of how realistic the cockpits and controls are within this flight simulator.

      However I think what sets Virtual Pilot 3D apart from the flock. Is that it also gives you the real world approach that pilots face everyday. Things such as take off and landing procedures aa well as intelligent ATC which allows you to interact with the tower.

      You can practice flight maneuvers with aircraft that respond exactly as the real thing. Also Virtual Pilot 3D factors in emergency situations. All of these things allow a person to gain some insight and experience in the way of recognizing and reacting to these situations.

      I think it is the range of options and training scenarios that make Virtual Pilot 3D the amazing flight simulator that it has proven to be!

      Sure nothing beats actual flight time. But isn’t it a great idea to employ a platform that can help you to understand the things you will be facing. As well as give you some real world experience in handling them.

      Every new skill set starts with training and all good training starts somewhere. Virtual Pilot 3d offers just such a starting point. For newbies and current pilots alike, programs such as this can help launch a new career or take one to new heights.

      Virtual Pilot 3D is a true flight simulator in every way. That is why it has earned FAA Certification and is used in flight schools worldwide.

      If you take a minute and look past the shinny parts, you will see that the nuts and bolts of Virtual Pilot 3D make it the training platform sought by pilots and trainees alike. Once you realize the actual potential of Virtual Pilot 3D to help you along. You will realize that it is well worth far more than it will cost you. In the right hands Virtual Pilot 3D can become priceless!

      Lanu, thanks for sharing your story,


  3. Even though I am not into computer games I found your review mindblowing.
    I can just imagine how much fun it could be to play it especially since there seem to be almost endless possibilites when it comes to aircraft, terrain, and flight conditions.
    This would give people a great way to get a feel of what flying is all about.
    Flying a real airplane would of course be the best but this is out of reach for a lot of people given the money and logistics required. This is probably the next best thing.
    Thank you!

    1. Hello Jojo,

      Virtual Pilot 3D is a ton of fun for those into video games and flight! There are so many aircrafts to choose from, you can set up almost any flight scenario you could imagine.

      Not only is it  great game, Virtual Pilot 3D gives you the real feel of being a pilot. This flight simulator will test even the best gamers. However with all of the tutorials that have been included, it is perfect for a beginner to get started with.

      The Flight Launcher within the flight simulator game allows you to decided, You can make it somewhat easy, or you can go all out and get that real world feel, it’s up to you!

      Jojo, if you have anyone in your life that is into games adn planes you need to share this game with them!


  4. This is an awesome and in depth review of Virtual Pilot 3D.

    I’m completely new to simulation games, especially those that offer such detailed procedures and content that reflects real aircraft, along with real airports.

    I’ve always been interested in aircraft and flight simulations, but could never find one as realistic as this. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hey Kashia,

      If you are looking to get into using a flight simulator, than Virtual Pilot 3D is the one you want! It is the closest thing to flying you can do with your feet on the ground.

      Every aspect of this flight simulator is designed after the real thing. From the cockpit s to the way the airplanes handle in the game. It all mimics the real world version perfectly.

      Since you are new you might appreciate all of the informational tutorials included. These tutorials will guide you through everything you need to know about using Virtual Pilot3D. They will also help you to learn to fly any aircraft in the flight simulator as each had it’s own tutorial for that particular plane.

      Kashia, I definitely recommend this flight simulator to get started with. No matter what your experience Virtual Pilot 3D will provide you with a fun and challenging time!


  5. Hey Brendan,
    This is a cool review of Virtual Pilot 3D. (Also like your animated banner lol)
    I’ve always had a fascination with fighter jets when I was younger. Even thought of enlisting when I was out of high school.
    Unfortunately, I have pretty poor vision and that was always a determent. I also remember playing an early early version of flight simulator on realistic mode at my cousins, and crashing 10 times in a row!
    I guess flying an air plane isn’t something a 10 year old can do right away!
    It’s amazing how far these type of games have come, as I haven’t followed up on them and now seeing your review. It would be pretty cool to fly over my house in a simulated city based on NASA sattelites.
    Once again, thanks for the cool review!


    1. Hey Wilson!

      I am glad you liked the review, I am pretty fond of the header as well! LOL.

      It is truly amazing how far video games have come, and Virtual Pilot 3D is no different. I must tell you Wilson. This game takes a minute or two to learn. When I first started flying it I to crashed a handful of time before I got it right! The great thing about Virtual Pilot 3D is the training tutorials that the game comes with. They will help you learn to and in no time!

      Wilson if you are thinking about getting a great flight simulator that you can learn from yet still enjoy, Virtual Pilot 3D is just the game for you!



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