Top 5 Reasons You Should Buy Virtual Pilot 3D

Top 5 Reasons You Should Buy Virtual Pilot 3D

When it comes to flight simulators, you have a lot to choose from. Microsoft Flight Simulator and Pro Flight Simulator are a couple of good ones. However there is a better option. There is One flight simulator rises above them all… Virtual Pilot 3D!

I know, that is a big statement to make. However I am not alone in saying that. There are many flight enthusiasts and long time users of flight simulators who would agree with me.

You see, none of the flight simulators in the market come anywhere near simulating the real world feel of being a pilot like Virtual Pilot 3D. Simply put, it is the closest ting to being in the actual pilots seat that you can find online!

Here are 5 great reasons why you should Buy Virtual Pilot 3D. Let’s get started!

#1: Incredible Range of Options

How about we start with the fact that there are well over 200 aircraft’s for you to choose from. Start at the beginning and fly the Wright Flier. Maybe you prefer something a little more modern like the Northrop B-2 Spirit, or anything in between. You want to fly a helicopter instead? Try the Bell V-22 Osprey or Boeing CH-47 Chinook. You Make the Call!

Helicopters Of Virtual Pilot 3D

Then there is the 25,00 airports you get to choose from. I am not talking about only the big ones like London’s Heathrow Airport. But also small airfields located in places like the Bahamas as well. Another option is to try your hand at landing on an one of 2 Aircraft Carriers!

You can even choose to fly in ANY weather condition you may wish to. Select your own weather option or use the Real Life Weather Data provided by the NOAA weather service. This gives you the option of Real Time weather foe any location you want to fly.

#2: Unmatched Realism & Attention To Detail

The level of detail with the scenery in Virtual Pilot 3D is second to none. They utilized Google Maps and NASA imagery to create 100% real scenery and terrain.

What this means is that you will see rivers, lakes and cities where they should be. You will also see ground lighting in urban areas, car lights on populated roadways, accurate airport approach lighting, and tower warning lights.

Virtual Pilot 3D Game Mountain Landing

Virtual Pilot 3D even factors into account seasonal effects and uses extremely detailed time of day modelling. This means that the Sun, Moon, Stars and Planets all follow their correct paths in the simulator, just as in real life.

In addition to all of that. Every cockpit of every aircraft is designed after the real thing. All of the panels and controls are exactly where they should be. Virtual Pilot 3D has even incorporated the true flight dynamics of every aircraft. So the virtual plane will handle just like the real thing!

#3: Interactive Tutorials Help You Learn

There is a large learning curve with Virtual Pilot 3D to say the least. It can be difficult for new players to pick up at first. However, if you put in a little effort the interactive tutorials will help you learn to master the software in no time!

These interactive tutorials will aid you in learning all the intricate details of Virtual Pilot 3D. Also each and every aircraft has a tutorial to help you learn to fly that specific model!

With so many aircrafts and options with this flight simulator. You can imagine the effort put into creating all of the tutorials that are included!

#4: Virtual Pilot 3D Earned FAA Certification

The FAA does not just hand out certifications to anyone that asks. You have to be better than the rest and really stand out from the flock. While there are a few simulators that have it. Such certifications are extremely difficult to get.

However the Virtual Pilot 3D Flight Simulator has earned this FAA Certification and is Licensed For Commercial Use. Virtual Pilot 3D is currently being used by airlines. flight schools, and other aviation agencies worldwide for instructional purposes.

So when it comes to getting a great flight simulator. Things like being certified for commercial use and for educational purposes should certainly factor in!

#5: The Price Is Right

We have only scratched the surface when it comes to all of the options and features that Virtual Pilot 3D has to offer you. So it might surprise you to know that you can get this flight simulator for as little as $67!

If you consider that other flight simulators of this quality might cost you hundreds of dollars. You can not help but to realize what a great deal this is!

Also if you opt for the VIP package you will receive a FREE VIP Membership that gives you free software updates for life! No Joke! This would normally cost you $39.95 per month. However you will get it automatically for FREE upon your purchase!

Watch This Virtual Pilot 3D Demo!

Here is a short video demonstration of a de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter coming in for a mountaintop landing!

To see more videos please click the link found near the end of this article and visit our Demo Page!

Why Buy Virtual Pilot 3D?

As I had mentioned earlier. We have just began to scratch the surface when it comes to the Virtual Pilot 3D Flight Simulator. This is hands down one of the top flight simulators around today.

Why Buy Virtual Pilot 3D. That is an easy one. It is among the Best Flight Simulator Software packages you will find online!

Virtual Pilot 3D Big BoxVirtual Pilot 3D Big Box

Virtual Pilot 3D is sold by Click2Sell, one of the largest digital retailers online. Every order through Click2Sell is backed by a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. So you have nothing to lose by giving this flight simulator a try today!

If you would like to see Virtual Pilot 3D in action you can visit our Virtual Pilot 3D Demo page here. Or to learn more about all of the amazing features of Virtual Pilot 3D you can check out my full review by clicking the Red Box just below.

If you have any questions or comments about the Virtual Pilot 3D Flight Simulator. Please leave them in the Comment Box located below for fastest response. If you prefer you can contact me by email and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank You For Visiting Today, I Appreciate Your Spending Some Time With Me!

Brendon Bryce

14 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons You Should Buy Virtual Pilot 3D

  1. MrAbramburica says:

    The game has a unique gameplay but lacks a little bit of polishing in the way of graphics.But all in all the game seems good enough for a simulation game I would give it a try at a later date.The price seems decent and isn’t much for an adult.
    Would recomend to others.

    1. Hello MrAbramburica,

      If your comment about the graphics is based on the videos found here. It is important to note that they have been lowered in resolution for faster page speed. Virtual Pilot 3D does have 4K HD graphics so the game itself is much clearer.

      With that said, there are games with a touch better graphics, however they are games and not actual flight simulators. So while you may gain some more flashy graphics, you lose reality and accuracy. So I guess the question really is why do you want to get Virtual Pilot 3D?

      Overall the graphics are pretty good, but I can not argue that they could use a little polishing, but again what you see here, and what you find in actual game play are also different. I just wanted to show a little of the game, but did so at the cost of true resolution.

      Overall I think you will find that, as far as flight simulators go, they do not get any better than Virtual Pilot 3D. As you mentioned is does have some very unique game play, and the attention to detail and realism is second to none!

      MrAbramburica, Thank You for sharing your thoughts, and by all means please let me know when you have grabbed your copy and what you think of the graphics at that point!



  2. Your review is quite unique.. infact the product you are reviewing is also unique..
    This must be a great flight simulator since you have dedicated your full site to this product..
    Also the price factor is very reasonable, I was expecting a bit higher price price for the Virtual Pilot 3d flight simulator.
    Over all I think I am going to have to try this out, thanks for sharing!
    I will be back and let you know what I think after playing the game for a bit!

    1. Hello Huzefa,

      I think you are going to love the Virtual Pilot 3D flight simulator. Everything about this game is meant to mimic real flight. From take off to landing, this is exactly what real pilots have to do everyday.

      I can not wait to hear back from you and get your thoughts on Virtual Pilot 3D!



  3. Hey there Brendon,
    Oh wow! So glad I came across this post, way back in the 1980’s when PC’s were becoming available to the public. I purchased a flight simulator program because I always had wanted to fly a plane. But the program never did operate well and would always crash sooner or later, and of course the graphics were a joke, to say the least.
    I’m now quite excited to try out this Virtual Pilot 3D, if it works as good as you say, then I will be in seventh heaven as the saying goes.
    One quick question is there any special hardware I should have to make this the best experience?

    1. Hello Kim,

      I to played around with those older first gen flight simulators. I have to agree, they were nothing special.

      Virtual Pilot 3D uses Google maps and NASA imagery to bring you amazing graphics and real world terrain. Everything about Virtual Plot 3D is meant to mimic real world flight!

      Kim, you can use a mouse and keyboard to play, or you can choose any flight hardware you desire. It is up to you how realistic you decide to get. Virtual Pilot 3D can support all of today’s hardware and up top 9 individual monitors, so the choice is yours. I would at least recommend having a flight joystick with a throttle control, but that is just my thoughts on it.

      Let me know what you think, I believe this flight simulator will live up tp all of your expectations and then some!


      1. Thank you Brendon, for the quick response, I think I will be investing in some hardware to get the best experience out of the software. I’ll let you know what I think about it when I get set up.
        Thanks again for an honest answer!

        1. Hey Kim,
          You are welcome and I am glad I could help you out. Can’t wait to hear what you have to say, so please do keep me updated!


  4. Win Bill Huang says:

    This Virtual Pilot 3D is a flight simulator that is certified for instructing future pilots. It is very cool. You can also choose from a variety of planes to fly in. I have a buddy who is a super fan of this stuff. He especially likes the planes made in the world war II. That is just him though. It would be nice if this simulator includes one of those. It is definitely not expensive. I thought it would as expensive as taking a course in school. It is roughly only $70 and a free membership upgrade for life is included. One thing I have to ask is how well performed is there customer representatives? If anything doesn’t work or glitches, is it easy to contact them?

    1. Hello Win Bill Huang,

      While I have never had an issue with my copy of the Virtual Pilot 3D flight simulator. You do bring up a great question.

      Virtual Pilot 3D has a full set of tutorials that helps you get set up and flying. Should you have a problem beyond that they also offer a full support staff. You can find the contact info on the main we page or inside your flight launcher area.

      As far as issues with your flight simulator hardware you would need to contact the individual product manufacturer.  Virtual Pilot 3D only supports their own product and does not offer much help for componets not of their design.

      Let me know if you have any further questions, I am always here to help!


  5. Robert M Doyle says:

    What a creative site here! This is good stuff. Informative too–and quite an experience here. Quite entertaining–like virtual reality.

    1. Hey Robert!

      Thank you for your kind words. I am really happy that you enjoy the site. I am a big fan of the Virtual Pilot 3D flight simulator, and wanted the site to reflect as such.

      Thanks again for sharing your thoughts, if you like thew site you will love the game!



  6. Does the inventory of planes include any of the Embraer series, specifically the E175?

    1. Hey Danny,
      After going back and taking a quick glance at the aircraft list included with the Virtual Pilot 3D package, I must say it does not look as though they have anything by Embraer. However they have many other similar class aircraft’s on the list. Airbus and Boeing, just to name a few. For a look at the complete list of aircraft’s Virtual Pilot has to offer click here to visit their official website. You will find a link for the entire list at the bottom of the home page.

      Thanks for reaching out Danny, hope this helps you out!


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