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Virtual Pilot 3D Review – Everything You Need To Know! [2019 Update]

Virtual Pilot 3D Review Update 2019

Virtual Pilot 3D Review

Hello and Welcome to my Virtual Pilot 3D Review page. Through out this review you are going to learn everything you need to know about this flight simulator.

It’s my goal to help you look deeper into one of the top flight simulator PC games on the market today. I am going to give you an in depth look at what you will find inside the Virtual Pilot 3D Download, and help you determine what that means for you.

I have seen a ton of stuff out there on Virtual Pilot 3D. Some good, some bad. However what I have seen mostly are incomplete reviews and trash pages. This has compelled me to create a complete and through review of my own.

Unlike so many of the other Virtual Pilot 3D Reviews I have read, I am going to try to fill in all the blanks for you. Together we are going to cut through all of the red tape. Giving you the inside track on making the best decision for you.

Virtual Pilot 3D 2019 – Official Flight Demo Presentation Video!

Before we get into the review. Take a moment to watch the Virtual Pilot 3D demo video. It only takes about a minute and will provide you with a quick look into the detail and graphics of the flight simulator itself.

Now that you have gotten to check out the video, let’s find out if this is the flight simulator for you. Oh and don’t worry, I have included another demo video below so you can see even more. So With Out Further Ado!

Let’s Start The Virtual Pilot 3D Review

Since you are in the market for a flight simulator you probably already know there are hundreds of them available. Depending on your needs and desires, it can be difficult to determine which one would be best for you. After all, not all flight sim games are created equal.

If you are looking for run and gun arcade style game, many of them would probably work. However if you are seeking an ultra realistic feeling of flight and control. There are only a few flight simulator games that even come close!

Now, that is not to say that this game is not for the fast paced Gamer. The Multi-Player Network Feature allows you to interact with other in game virtual pilots, you can even Dogfight!

Multi-Player Network Feature
Multi-Player Network Feature

But anyway, back on point…

Most flight simulator games have unrealistic flight dynamics and cockpit setups. In addition they have poor graphics, scenery, and world terrain. Not to mention outdated aircraft lists and virtually zero instrument flying options.

The good news is that there are a handful of flight simulator options that rise above the rest. The Virtual Pilot 3D Flight Simulator is one of them, and in my own opinion, the best one!

Why The Virtual Pilot 3D Flight Simulator?

Virtual Pilot 3D was designed with complete realism in mind. The creators of this PC flight simulator wanted to deliver the most realistic experience you can get from the ground. With that in mind they set out to create a home flight simulator that was perfect for gaming and training alike.

This flight simulator was built to give you the feel of real life flight. To do that it uses real scenery, real cockpits and real aircraft. The flight controls of your chosen aircraft will be identical to that of the real thing.

Virtual Pilot 3D Real Life Control Set Up
Real Controls Based On Real Cockpits

Since the controls are the same on Virtual Pilot 3D as they are in reality. The aircraft’s you fly will handle and maneuver just as the actual aircraft would. This also means your aircraft will respond in the same manner as the real one.

Every single aspect of this flight simulator was designed to give you the real experience of flying a plane. From the full sized cockpit mock-ups to the crazy realistic flight dynamics based on actual science.

So if you create a stall, have engine trouble, bank to hard on a turn, or come in to fast on your landing approach. You had better know how to over come it, or it could be crash and burn for you! The nice part is your are safely on the ground and can try again!

Now as far as scenery and terrain go, Virtual Pilot 3D did not cut any corners. Unlike most other flight sim games, this one uses real life 3D terrain from Google Maps and NASA imagery. This means that there will be mountains where there should be mountains and rivers where there should be rivers.

Virtual Pilot 3D  World Terrain Based On NASA
Real World Terrain Based On NASA

What Does That All Mean For You?

Well to sum it up to this point. When you download Virtual Pilot 3D you will be getting one of the latest and most advanced flight simulator games around. There really aren’t any other flight sim games that can match the real world affect of the Virtual Pilot 3D Flight Simulator.

With a State-Of-The-Art Flight Modelling System and actual cockpit controls. Along with the help from Google Maps and NASA imagery. The Virtual Pilot 3D Download is certified for commercial use and provides hardware and frame-rate checks required for FAA Certification.

Add to that the Multi-Player Network Feature and you can see how this flight simulator has something for everyone!

Who Can Benefit From Virtual Pilot 3D?

As I had just mentioned, the Virtual Pilot 3D Download has something for everyone that has an interest in aviation and flight simulation.

Jumbo Jet Side By Side

In my opinion there are basically five types of people that are looking for airplane simulator games and trainers:

  • First is the Gamer. This someone that just wants to have fun! This is where the Multi-Player Network Feature comes in. This feature allows you to fly in training with other pilots. Or you can Dogfight with your friends and other in game virtual pilots.
  • Next is the Casual Aviation Enthusiast. This would be someone who is a general fan of aviation. They just want to play around with flying but only as a hobbyist.
  • Followed by the Potential Pilot. This person may be considering a possible future as a pilot. This is someone that wants to try their hand and see if flying and training are for them. This person is just getting a feel as they explore their options.
  • Then comes the Pilot In Training. This is someone already on the path to becoming a real world pilot. They may want to work towards a certification, or maybe just get some extra time on the stick.
  • Last is our Real World Pilots. This is a person that has already accomplished becoming a pilot. They may be interested in becoming familiar with new aircrafts or advancing their career.


Now I am not a gambling man per say. However, I would be willing to make a small wager on a ‘Fact’.

The ‘Fact’ that, if you have stuck with me to this point. Then you fall into one of these groups! I would also be willing to bet that you already know exactly which one you landed in!

The great news is that the Virtual Pilot 3D Flight Simulator can perfectly accommodate all five groups. So no matter what level of use or what experience you are seeking. This is the best flight simulator software that you can get on the civilian market!

CockPit View beside A In Flight Fighter Jet

Virtual Pilot 3D System Requirements And Other Tech Stuff

Okay, now I don’t want to ruin all of the fun we are having with all this betting stuff going on. However before we move on to check out the features of Virtual Pilot 3D. I would like to take a minute and fill you in on the Virtual Pilot 3D System Requirements.

First I want you to know that the Virtual Pilot 3D Download is compatible with all of the following: Windows 7,8, & 10, 64 bit, 32 bit systems as well as Windows XP, and Vista. Virtual Pilot 3D is also compatible with all Macs.

So basically, Virtual Pilot 3D works with pretty much any operating system of the current times. This is a contributing factor to why I think it is one of the best PC flight simulators around.

This also means you do not need a Super Computer to get started!

Here is a look at the minimum system requirements you will need:

  • Operating System: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP and MAC.
  • Processor: Dual-core CPU @1.8 Ghz or better
  • PC Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Space: 5GB
  • Graphics: Direct X compatible card with 512 MB or better

Virtual Pilot 3D will take advantage of as many cores or distinct processors that you can afford. If you have a faster computer, no worries, it will run in a higher setting.

Flight Simulator Hardware

Also Virtual Pilot 3D supports up to 9 multiple monitors as well as TrackIR. In addition it supports all major flight gizmo’s & gadget’s including rudders, yokes, and flight systems.

Don’t worry if you are not a techie and you have no clue what any of that means. It is simply the tech way of saying that Virtual Pilot 3D will work with any modern computer system you may own at the moment.

Here Is a Quick Recap Of What We Know

Okay we finally made it! It is now time to cover the rest of the features that Virtual pilot 3D has to offer you. But first a quick recap of what we already know.

We know about the realism, the life like controls, Google Maps, NASA, and Multi-Player Network Feature. In addition to that we also know About the FAA Certification, system requirements and the hardware that Virtual Pilot 3D will support.

Before we go on to cover the great features that keep this among the top flight simulators. Not to mention one of the best online flight simulator games around. I want to give you the chance to jump ship on me.

USS Nimitz Aircraft Carrier

If you would rather see all of these amazing features on their home page. You can check them out on the Virtual Pilot 3D Official Website.

Now of course I want you to stay with me. We still have a lot to cover!

For example, you will notice that I used an aircraft carrier. Well that is because that is another one of the amazing features of Virtual Pilot 3D. You get not One Aircraft Carrier, but Two!

You can take off and land on the decks of either the USS Nimitz or the USS Eisenhower. I don’t think that is included in most flight simulators!

Features Of The Virtual Pilot 3D Download

Picking up where we left off with our coverage of the features. I guess I should tell you that Virtual Pilot 3D has well over 200 Aircraft’s for you to choose from. Including Vintage Airplanes, light single Engine Planes, Jumbo Jets, Helicopters and Fighter Jets!

From Zeppelins to WW2 War Birds to today’s Top Jet Technologies. You have a massive choice to fly, which means that you can experience flying more models than any real pilot could ever dream of!

Over 200 aircrafts and 25000 Airports

Virtual Pilot 3d offers over 25,000 air strips and airports for you to fly out of and in to. Just select your chosen airport, runway and weather conditions from the launch wizard. Then your off to any where in the world right from the comfort of your favorite chair!

With the massive size of the airport options, you get more of a choice than with any of the best computer flight simulator games around. Having so many combinations between aircraft and airport it could take you decades to cover everything!

The next thing up is the built in Real Sync Technology. This let’s you set the weather to the current Real Time weather of your flight plan. Or you can fly in ANY weather condition you chose to create.

You can also chose to use REAL LIFE WEATHER DATA from the NOAA weather service.

Using this feature Virtual Pilot 3D finds your nearest airport and gets get the real world weather conditions surrounding that airport. Including the temperature, dew point, pressure density, wind and visibility, and it does it in REAL TIME!

One last feature to mention here. Air-to-Air Refueling, this will really test your flight skills if you dare!

Virtual Pilot 3D Helicopter Flight Simulator

I know, I already mentioned helicopters just above. However I feel that this deserves it’s own little section, and here is why.

Virtual Pilot 3D is the Best Helicopter Flight Simulator Hands Down! There are over 15 helicopters you can choose from, that is more than any other helicopter flight simulator software anywhere!

Helicopters Of Virtual Pilot 3D

Most of the other flight simulators out there pay very little attention to helicopters. So if you find another game offering a helicopter flight simulator download. There is a real good chance it will only have a few to choose from.

Just wanted to point out that as far as computer flight simulator games go. Virtual Pilot 3D is the King when it comes to helicopters!

Advanced Features Of Virtual Pilot 3D

These features are for the more Serious Pilots. It is features like these that help Virtual Pilot 3D remain one of the best PC flight simulator games and the choice for real aviation enthusiasts.

Light Air Plane and Cockpit

  • Intelligent Air Traffic Control (ATC):: The advanced A.I provides simulated air traffic control services while using the flight simulator. This includes Ground, Tower, Departure, Approach and Centre ATC. You can request takeoff and landing as well as fly under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) or Visual Flight Rules (VFR) and request vectors to an airport,
  • Fly Real Airline Routes: Just fill in the appropriate bits of information. Such as departure airport, altitude, arrival airport, what kind of routing you want. Then Virtual Pilot 3D will then build your flight plan using current waypoints, and standard departure and approach procedures.
  • Autopilot & Instrument Flying: Sit back and enjoy the scenery while the plane flies itself. Full instrument flying capabilities that supports six flight instruments: The Airspeed Indicator (ASI), Attitude Indicator (AI), Altimeter (ALT), Turn Coordinator (TC), Directional Gyro (DG), and the Vertical Speed Indicator (VSI).
  • Advanced Navigation Features: Virtual Pilot 3D supports all modern navigation features including: Non-Directional Beacon (NDB), VHF Omni-Directional Range (VOR), Instrument Landing System (ILS) and Global Positioning System (GPS).
  • Scenery Designer Software & Flight Planner:
    You can design your own scenery by adding your own landmarks. Add what you like from new buildings, landscapes, rivers, lakes or mountains. The world becomes your oyster with this program. You can literally design the world you want to fly around in!
  • Dedicated Flight Planner Software: This allows you to customize your flight with ease to any destination on Earth before takeoff. It uses real-life data so all you have to do is to search for a location and plan your flight.


Two Screen Shots Of Virtual Pilot 3D

Take a Break And Watch This Short Virtual Pilot 3D Demo

Okay, I know that you have taken in a ton of information. But Hey, I warned you this was going to be a complete and thorough Virtual Pilot 3D Review. Let’s take five and watch this short video and then we will pick back up in a moment.

Note: The video shown here has reduced resolution for faster page loading. The actual game-play has 4K HD graphics and looks much sharper.

*The Virtual Pilot 3D Demo you are about to watch is of a DHC-6 Twin Otter preforming a mountain landing.

Pretty cool right? That was a nice smooth landing. Just think, with a bit of practice that could be you in no time!

Virtual Pilot 3D Education And Tutorials

Now what kind of flight simulator would Virtual Pilot 3D be if they just sold you a game and then left you on your own to figure it all out? Not a good one that’s for sure!

Not to worry though, because they have got you covered. Virtual Pilot 3D comes with a complete set of video tutorials. So you will be able to learn to easily fly any plane, even if you are a beginner.

There are Built-In Interactive Tutorials for each and every aircraft. These tutorials help to guide you in-game on using the flight control panels. This will help you learn to control any aircraft, even an unfamiliar one!

Should that not help you with any problem that you may come across. You can always reach out to the Virtual Pilot 3D Support Team. After clicking through the link just look for “Support” at the top of the Virtual Pilot 3D Home Page.

The Virtual Pilot Team
Virtual Pilot 3D Team
Mark Duran, Ozil Aguirre , John Irwin

The creators of Virtual Pilot 3D want you to have the best experience possible. That is why they have included such a robust tutorial platform and support.

Drawbacks Of Virtual Pilot 3D

While there are not many drawbacks with Virtual Pilot 3D. Nothing is perfect! These things are not really problems of Virtual Pilot 3D. They are more along the line of “Things You Need To Know”.

The first thing I want to bring up is that while the Virtual Pilot 3D official website says the download time is about 8 minutes. That really depends on your internet connection.

If you have a poor internet connection that time will vary. Virtual Pilot 3D is a very large game and a strong internet connection is important while you are downloading it.

If you have a bad internet connection you can always opt to receive the 4 DVD Box Set of Virtual Pilot 3D mailed to your home or office. After you have completed your transaction simply log into the members area and request the DVD’s. (small fee applies)

Click Here To Start Flying Today!

Virtual Pilot 3D Big BoxVirtual Pilot 3D Big Box

The other thing I wanted to mention is that while this is a game. It has a learning curve that might not be simple for beginners to understand. If you are a beginner I definitely recommend that you take full advantage of the learning tutorials.

Just understand that this is a real flight simulator that has been Licensed For Commercial Use. If Virtual Pilot 3D can get approval from the FAA, then this game must be on point. That realism can make learning the controls a bit frustrating at first.

I have also heard some people complain that you can not buy Virtual Pilot 3D in stores. Really that is no big deal just visit VirtualPilot3D.com to place your order.

Check Out What Others Have To Say!

Let’s take a look at what a couple of other virtual pilots have to say about Virtual Pilot 3D.

Virtual Pilot 3D Customer Review 1

The possibilities are truly endless with Virtual Pilot 3D. From the first flight of the Wright Flier to the top military missions of modern times, you can recreate them all. You can even fly the Space Shuttle if you want to give it a try!

Virtual Pilot 3D Space Shuttle Option

When you consider all of that, and the add to the fact that you receive Free Lifetime Updates. It is easy to understand why so many people have come to love this flight simulator!

Virtual Pilot 3D Lifetime Updates

Virtual Pilot 3D Stunning Reviews

If You Download Virtual Pilot 3D Today, You Can Get Started In 3 Easy Steps!

VP3D Get Started

Step #1: First, you must chose the package you wish to purchase. The Base Package offers you 200 aircraft’s, 5000 airports, and a selected amount of flight space, plus unlimited updates from that starting point.

Then there is the Upgraded Package, which realistically doesn’t matter. Why? You Ask. Because VP3D offers a VIP Premium Package for only a Penny more!

Now We have the the VIP Premium Package! It offers everything from the previously mentioned packages. Plus the following: Complete Worldwide Scenery, High def resolution of landscape, cities and buildings. A Dynamic world atlas map, in addition to Free Custom-Build Aircraft of your choice!

Step 2: After you have completed your purchase. You can Run the Flight Launcher. From Here you can choose your aircraft and flight plan or terrain. You will also have the freedom to build your own flight experience!

Step 3: From here you can begin to explore any air travel you wish to experience on this planet. You can dictate the aircraft, the weather, as well as the flight path and scenery! You control the When, Where and Why of every flight!

Never before, nor since it’s launch, has there ever been a more versatile and flexible flight simulator created. At least not in my opinion!

**Click Here To Get Virtual Pilot 3D Now!**

Final Thoughts On Virtual Pilot 3D

Whether you are a beginner or you are already a seasoned pro. If you are in the market for a flight simulator, Virtual Pilot 3D is the one you want!

Virtual Pilot3d New Box ImageBuild the experience you want, set up all the hardware you wish. Create your very own cockpit in the comfort of your own home. Then load it with the Virtual Pilot 3D Download and experience virtual flight like never before!

So it is obvious that I like Virtual Pilot 3D and there is a reason. Overall this is the Best Flight Simulator platform on the market. You have the Freedom to Chose Your Very Own Flight Experience!

The Only Way To Achieve A More Realistic Flight Experience Is By Strapping Into An Actual Aircraft And Taking Off!

Okay look, if you have stuck with me through this entire review. Then you my friend, are definitely ready to give Virtual Pilot 3D a try today!!

You know all about the features, and we have covered who this can benefit. Remember the group you landed in earlier? You know your level of experience, and I think you are ready to step things up a notch!

Don’t Wait Buy Virtual Pilot 3D Now!

Don’t waste any more time order you copy of this amazing flight simulator now! You could be off to a New Adventure sooner than you have ever imagined!

Virtual Pilot 3D is sold through Click2Sell. They are one of the Largest Digital Product Vendors online. Every sale through Click2Sell is backed by a 60 Money Back Guarantee. So you really have nothing to lose, Get Started with Virtual Pilot 3D Today!

Well there you have it, my complete and thorough Review of Virtual Pilot 3D. I am a man of my word, and I think I have delivered as promised. I do not think you can find a more complete review of Virtual Pilot 3D Anywhere!

If you have any questions or comments about Virtual Pilot 3D. Please leave them in the Comment Box located below for fastest response. If you prefer you can contact me by email and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank You For Stopping By, I Appreciate You Spending Some Of Your Time With Me Today!

Brendon Bryce

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